[nycphp-talk] pcntl_fork() assistance

Christopher R. Merlo cmerlo at
Wed Sep 20 15:22:46 EDT 2006

On 9/20/06, Ben Sgro (sk) <skyline at> wrote:
>  Hey Chris,
> (Offtopic of fork( ), but in response to Chris)
> Since you have double quotes, can't you just say
> print "Here's the string: --$the_string--";

Yes, you absolutely can.  Just sometimes I randomly decide to use different
delimeters -- say, 'x' -- where doing everything inline will break things:

print "Here's the string: xx$the_stringxx";

won't work.  :)

Also, I find it easy to do
> print "string($string)";

Same idea.
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