[nycphp-talk] Many pages: one script

inforequest 1j0lkq002 at
Tue Aug 7 15:04:33 EDT 2007

Hans Zaunere |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

>>I follow you, Hans, but then what about URLs as resource locators?
>>Your elegant "aliasing a handler or set of URLs to a single URL or
>>processor" means URLs don't equate to (unique) information resources.
>>Doesn't that "break" the web?
>The aliasing is happening within the web server to get around direct
>filesystem/URL mapping - it's up to the business logic of the application to
>serve different resources, which is the flexibility we're after.  This
>determination can happen in the application, dynamically and during request
>time, rather than being dictated by the filesystem.

okay so we are saying the same thing, as long as the app isn't neglectful

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