XML vs. rel DBs [was: Re: [nycphp-talk] Many pages: one script]

csnyder chsnyder at
Thu Aug 9 10:37:53 EDT 2007

On 8/8/07, Elliotte Harold <elharo at> wrote:

> Some relational databases have added non-relational, fulltext search
> extensions to their products just as some have added non-relational XML
> extensions. These are adequate for simple uses, if you don't push them
> too hard. However they are completely incapable of carrying out queries
> like, "Give me the title and first paragraph of every chapter of this
> book" (something Safari routinely does) because they don't see the
> structure of a document, only the text.

I'm glad we have multiple tools to bring to bear on this kind of
problem, because I worry about the performance implications of
querying an XML database for the average price of those books, or
performing an operation that adds another field (tag?) to each book's

If it's not too much trouble, could you give us some other use cases
for an XML database? Because title and first paragraph, if that's
something a system "routinely does" could easily be stored as
relational data at the time of import.

Chris Snyder

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