[nycphp-talk] State of XML databases presentation?

Elliotte Harold elharo at
Wed Aug 15 17:53:57 EDT 2007

Daniel Krook wrote:
> Elliotte,
> It seems your review of XML databases has picked up a lot of comments. 
> It's doing well on the social bookmarking circuit too.
> The topic in general seems to be garnering a lot of interest lately. Would 
> you be willing to do a presentation this fall on the state of XML 
> databases [in general|for PHP developers].   Maybe some comments on where 
> the Zend Framework XML Content Store/Zend_Db_Xml fits in?

My time is extremely constrained, but I can probably fit something in 
since you're local. I should warn you though that I don't actually know 
squat about the Zend Framework XML Content Store/Zend_Db_Xml (not that 
that's ever stopped me from spouting off at the mouth before :-)

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