[nycphp-talk] PECL Install ERRORs

Rick Retzko rick at
Thu Aug 16 21:41:06 EDT 2007

Hi All - I'm working through an installation of PHP-GTK2 on Windows XP
system.  Everything's going OK up to the install of pecl bcompiler and
pdflib packages.  When I install either of these I get the following:
$>pecl install channel://
downloading bcompiler-0.8.tgz ...
Starting to download bcompiler-0.8.tgz (46,667 bytes)
.........done: 46,667 bytes
10 source files, building
running: msdev bcompiler.dsp /MAKE "bcompiler - Release"
ERROR: There were errors during compilation.
The pdflib similarly bombs after the /MAKE command.
All help is appreciated.  Small words and short sentences work best.
Best Regards - 
MFR Holdings, LLC
rick at
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