[nycphp-talk] Good Crediting Practices

csnyder chsnyder at
Fri Aug 17 09:45:40 EDT 2007

On 8/17/07, Gary Mort <bz-gmort at> wrote:
> I'm planning on some major rewrites to an existing GPL application.
> I'd say that of the application, I will be extending, enhancing, or
> changing between 30 and 60 % of the application, including the program
> name for compatible reasons(the two modules must be able to be run in
> the same master program simultaneously, so a lot of classes and
> functions need to be changed to differentiate them)
> What is the best way to note my code and provide the proper credit?

30-60% is pretty major. As far as credit goes, the GPL basically says
that you shouldn't try to pass off your work as the original
author's--to protect the author in case your modifications break

You have a responsibility to provide credit and a link back to the
original project, but the copyright belongs to you (or your employer)

Copyright (C) 2007 Gary Mort
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License:

This file extends and enhances Thomas Papin's AdsManager
Component (http://usr/of/adsmanager/)
It can be installed stand alone, or alongside AdsManager.

Personally, I would also stick a NO WARRANTY clause in there, but
technically that's part of the GPL.

Chris Snyder

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