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csnyder chsnyder at
Fri Aug 17 11:21:04 EDT 2007

On 8/17/07, Donna Marie Vincent <donnamarievincent at> wrote:
> Does this sound unreasonable, or is it just me?
> In order to upload files to the website, I have to do this:
> 1. Use WinSCP to log in to the server as myself and transfer files from my
> PC to my home directory on the server.
> 2. Use PuTTY to log in to the server as myself, then su as root, and from
> the command line move the files from my home directory to the website's
> directory.
> Seems like a very tedious process to update files, especially when you're
> modifying files in this subdirectory and that subdirectory.
> It's set up this way for security -- no ftp access and no logging in as
> root.

In projects directory on your workstation:

$ svn commit -m "Important bugfixes" myproject

Now ssh to webserver:

$ su -
# cd /usr/local/myproject
# svn up

The part about no ftp access and no root login is not unreasonable,
it's standard practice for many production systems. The part where you
move files around rather than using version control is a recipe for

Chris Snyder

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