[nycphp-talk] Article on IT outsourcing

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Mon Aug 20 10:53:12 EDT 2007

Brian D. wrote:
> I saw this on and wondered if the NYPHP mailing
> list had any thoughts on the subject.
> Particularly:
> "The mailing lists were never easy to read through but if a man put
> his mind to it and used the delete button swiftly enough you could
> actually get something out of them and maybe even find a reason to
> stay on. But ever since everybody in North America cheaped out and
> started sending all the work to India the mailing lists of every major
> product have been polluted with the Sanjays and Prashants of this
> world asking questions that make me wonder why the he[ck] we're
> sending out our prized projects to these seemingly incompetent
> people."
I honestly don't see much difference between this and when students 
would flood a list with questions when their final projects where due.  
Nor was there much difference between this and the late spring/summer 
flood of new graduates trying to figure out what their doing.

It is slightly worse in that due to poor english skills, you have a much 
lower percentage of noobs who actually will graduate to supplying 
advice.  OTOH, maybe they go off and do so on their own lists.

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