[nycphp-talk] Article on IT outsourcing

Brian D. brian at
Sun Aug 19 16:56:26 EDT 2007

I saw this on and wondered if the NYPHP mailing
list had any thoughts on the subject.

"The mailing lists were never easy to read through but if a man put
his mind to it and used the delete button swiftly enough you could
actually get something out of them and maybe even find a reason to
stay on. But ever since everybody in North America cheaped out and
started sending all the work to India the mailing lists of every major
product have been polluted with the Sanjays and Prashants of this
world asking questions that make me wonder why the he[ck] we're
sending out our prized projects to these seemingly incompetent

There are a lot of over-generalizations made by this blogger, but some
of what he says is true (at least, in 100% of the mailing lists I'm
subscribed to, especially PHP-related lists).

Reddit thread:

I know I myself have been slightly frustrated by the volume of mail on
the NYPHP list that makes me wonder if the submitter even bothered to
make a trip to Google before asking questions on the list.

- B.D.

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