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Steve Francia steve.francia at
Tue Aug 21 18:15:54 EDT 2007

On 8/17/07, Gary Mort <bz-gmort at> wrote:
> Just curious how many people have used form generation/templating
> systems like and what
> your opinions of them are?
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I have used similar ones, Actually this one is loosely based on the on in
the Zoop Framework called forms which predates it about half a year. Zoop's
Forms interface is a decent amount simplier and the validation is a better
integrated, but of course it only works inside of the framework.

Such systems are useful for dominately CRUD applications. They aren't as
scalable as hand made forms, unless you use make use of caching (I don't
know if this system supports caching, Zoop's does). They are much more
efficient on the programmer side.


Steve Francia
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