[nycphp-talk] Tuning MySQL Full Text Search

Ben Sgro (ProjectSkyLine) ben at
Wed Aug 22 13:35:33 EDT 2007

Hello Rob,

What I meant is that, something that has the search criteria in the title,
doesn't have more weight than something that does not, and therefor
is possibly showing up lower then another item, when I believe its
more relevant and should be displayed higher.

I'll try to rebuild the index. In order to do so, do I just run the command 
that I did to build the
original index, or is there a special syntax/command to do so?

> Also... boolean searches do have an operator (< or >) to increase or 
> decrease a word's weight:
Cool. I'll look into that.


- Ben

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> On Aug 22, 2007, at 12:42 PM, Ben Sgro ((ProjectSkyLine)) wrote:
>> Hello Rob,
>> I'm happy w/the relevance, but the order isn't right
> What do you mean by that?  I thought you were sorting by relevance?
>> too many results are being returned (which is my own issue to fix).
> Can you just apply a limit to the query?
>> Without the BOOLEAN, the results were really off, minimal results  and 
>> not that accurate.
> Maybe this is because boolean searches don't use the 50% threshold: ""
>> There is also the problem where common words, aren't returning  anything, 
>> such as a search for
>> "water". It should however, since the water keyword is very  frequent 
>> throughout the site.
> Weird... that would be in line with the 50% threshold... but you're  using 
> boolean, so it shouldn't apply.  Maybe try rebuilding the index?

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