[nycphp-talk] Frameworks - Which best fits my development style?

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Thu Aug 23 12:03:06 EDT 2007

On 8/22/07, David Merryweather <dlmerryweather at> wrote:
> It takes some practice for many programmers because it isn't a natural
> transition, but if you can take off the programmer hat and look at your
> projects from the problem and solution domain instead, you will find that
> these frameworks begin to fit your new thinking.  This is what I have found
> watching our programmers and outsource groups make the change over.

I would challenge this point... as I've seen the opposite happening
more and more.  There is a budding school of thought among new PHP'ers
that says "you do it this way or it's wrong".  Yes, the developers are
to blame, not the framework, but it concerns me a bit that they're
seeing everything in relation to how it doesn't match their framework
of choice.

That's originally why I picked up the Zend Framework.  Instead of a
fixed structure for my applications, it felt more like a tool box.  I
can reach in and pull out Logging, PDF creation, DB access, whatever
and only use the pieces I need.  It hasn't required a
re-write/re-structuring of my applications, so it's been more
evolutionary as opposed to scorched earth.  In fact, while working on
site for a major news network, I added logging using Zend_Log in about
45 minutes.

Full Disclosure:  Technically, I'm a contributor to the Zend Framework
(signed the CLA), but I have yet to contribute anything... but I am
speaking at ZendCon about the above experience.


D. Keith Casey Jr.
CEO, CaseySoftware, LLC

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