[nycphp-talk] Linux editors

bz-gmort at bz-gmort at
Sun Aug 26 14:16:53 EDT 2007

csnyder wrote:
> If you're looking for something free, the PHP IDE for Eclipse project
> is roughly equivalent, plus you get all of the other Eclipse goodness
> in the bargain. We had a presentation on it at the February NYPHP
> meeting, but the slides never made it online...

Mainly I am looking for something I can test drive first. 

Ultraedit cost 50$ and Komodo would cost me $100 to upgrade to the 
latest version.

So I guess I'd use that as my budget, I want a decent editor for PHP and 
HTML with code folding and FTP/SFTP access for under 100$(there ARE 
other features I like, but if it has those two it will have enough of 
the other features to make it worthwhile)

My general feeling is that a good independent dev environment is worth 
between 200 and 300 to me.  Of course, siuce I already have one that I 
like, now my feeling is that for me going over 100 would not be worth 
the jump.

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