[nycphp-talk] Linux editors

David Krings ramons at
Sun Aug 26 15:16:04 EDT 2007

bz-gmort at wrote:
> csnyder wrote:
>> If you're looking for something free, the PHP IDE for Eclipse project
>> is roughly equivalent, plus you get all of the other Eclipse goodness
>> in the bargain. We had a presentation on it at the February NYPHP
>> meeting, but the slides never made it online...

I can never figure out any of the Eclipse based IDEs and the ZEND stuff 
is designed as if the developers never saw a desktop app before.

I use NuSphere's PHPEd, which is available for both Windope and Linux. 
They offer trial versions and the Standard edition was around 50 bucks 
when I bought it during one of their sales.
I don't know if it does the FTP and SSH stuff as I never use that, but 
you can easily find out by looking at their website. The best thing 
about PHPEd is the debugger implementation.

Reminds me that I need to finish the rundown of my tests that I promised 
months ago....ooops.


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