[nycphp-talk] how did you learn php?

Steve Manes smanes at
Mon Aug 27 11:34:26 EDT 2007

Mitch Pirtle wrote:
> Just like all other languages, there are nuances of performance,
> security and such that can only be learned by doing. So rolling up
> your sleeves and diving in might be the fastest way to get you on the
> road, so to speak.

That's the best way to learn: by throwing yourself into the deep end of 
the pool, hopefully on a project for yourself, not a client.

I started programming with 6502 assembler.  My initial deep-end project 
was reprogramming the fader ballistics for my recording studio's 
console, which was automated by an Apple II.

I've learned six languages, not including SQL, programming the same 
tree-structured BBS in my spare time: 8088/86 assembler, AT&T "portable 
C", Tandem BASIC, C++, Perl and eventually PHP.  One of these days I'll 
finish it.

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