[nycphp-talk] Two part question: Shopping carts & E-commerce

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Re: [nycphp-talk] Two part question: Shopping carts & E-commerceHello Cliff, 

hah, ok, that's convincing enough.

The budget and timeframe are both in my favour, so I can choose the best tools for the job.

Since I've yet to work w/joomla, would it be a good idea to try to set that up for e-commerce.
I remember a few days back, an answer to my Framework question, some responding saying
they had great success with joomla & e-commerce.

miva, cart32 or shopsite are carts? I didn't know that. I guess that's what THEY (the client) want to use.
Any experiance with those?

Im googling right now and it says miva is a merchange account as well.
and shopping cart software

Hmm..cart32 is windows based, so that's out!

Shopsite: looking at their website.

I guess I need to read up on the e-commerce and shopping cart basics. Do some carts only
work with certain merchants?

- Ben

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  > They want to start with about 12 items and have the shop interface w/miva, cart32 or shopsite.
  These are carts, not merchant accounts or gateways, so I'm confused.

  >And as far as time frame and budget, I could build a cart from scratch. I have the Apress book  "PHP5 & E-commerce", plus all the obvious online resources.
  No, no, no!!! A cart can be deceivingly complex. I used the same book as a sort of "Framework" for a tangential project that is cart-like. The three layer architecture is great, but upside down. The presentation layer selects the business logic - go figure. Plus, it covers maybe 20% of what's really required.

  > Is it a wise idea to build the cart from scratch?
  NO. See above.

  >If I don't build the cart from scratch, what are some alternatives? I need it to be totaly skinable...

  There are a gazillion carts - both open source and commercial .Even the commercial are dirt cheap. Another alternative is a hosted solution. You've got to have a really, really good reason to develop a cart from scratch. 

  The big open source cart is oscommerce, which has a reasonably good fork called Zencart. X-cart is a good commercial alternative. The code is a nightmare, and will make any oop purist barf, but very easy to hack and skin. There's numerous others. First, figure out the budget and requirements. That will wittle down the list.



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