[nycphp-talk] Two part question: Shopping carts & E-commerce

John Campbell jcampbell1 at
Mon Aug 27 22:55:35 EDT 2007

> Since I've yet to work w/joomla, would it be a good idea to try to set that
> up for e-commerce.
> I remember a few days back, an answer to my Framework question, some
> responding saying
> they had great success with joomla & e-commerce.

Joomla is a CMS, it really has nothing to do with e-commerce however
it is common to integrate cart software with a CMS.

> miva, cart32 or shopsite are carts? I didn't know that. I guess that's what
> THEY (the client) want to use.
> Any experiance with those?

They will not work with a PHP site.  Most Cart software is pretty much the same.

> Im googling right now and it says miva is a merchange account as well.
> and shopping cart software

I know it is a bit confusing because terms like "Merchant Account" and
"Gateway" mean two different things depending on what you are doing...

There are two options:
1) Have a 3rd party charge the cards and they give you the funds
(PayPal/Google Checkout/Miva Merchant)
2) Charge the cards  on your own site -- You need a merchant bank
account with Chase, and a payment gateway.

Before you go any further, which route does you client want to go?
There is a big difference.

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