[nycphp-talk] Two part question: Shopping carts & E-commerce

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Tue Aug 28 02:24:25 EDT 2007

A lot can go wrong altogether if you have little experience with ecommerce.
Even if you use an off the shelf shopping cart.  If this client is expecting
high volumes in the future, you may want to do your research wisely
regarding security.  In fact, you may want to consider subcontracting that
portion of the project out, and try to learn as much about the process from
the subcontractor so that you can accomplish it by yourself on the next run.


On 8/27/07, Dynamic Ink <nyphp at> wrote:
>  Ben, if you are interested in rolling your own cart and are willing to
> spend $9 on ordering PHP Architect back issues, there is a detailed
> explanation of building your own feature-rich cart in an article that I
> wrote for PHP Architect, *The Ultimate PHP 5 Shopping Cart*, spanning Aug.
> and Sept. 2004. The article includes a detailed explanation of merchant
> account fundamentals, credit card gateways, verification algorithms as well
> as step-by-step instructions to building your own cart.
> By the way, what did you think of MySQL camp? Everyone there was great,
> but the presentations by Jay and Jeremy were definitely the highlight in my
> opinion...
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