[nycphp-talk] GD w/ Lots of Files

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Thu Aug 30 12:23:09 EDT 2007

Pete Czech - New Possibilities Group, LLC wrote:
> Hey all:
> I'm trying to process 100-150 jpgs that are 2-4 mb into smaller files.  
If you have shell access and either image magick or magickimage, use 

Shalbum is FAST, has a lot of greate features, and zips through image files.

Technically, what it does is take a directory full of images, and a 
bunch of parms, and creates 2 new versions of each image(a thumbnail and 
a fullsize), places them all in a new set of directories, and creates a 
simple set of HTML pages to navigate between them as a photo gallery.

But I find it easy to use for practically anytime I need to create a 
couple hundred thumbnails and I don't want to have to deal with a PHP 
script timing out(if run over the web) or any other issues.

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