[nycphp-talk] multi-part form without refresh - point me to a working solution?

Brandy Whine brandywhine2007 at
Wed Jan 3 17:49:17 EST 2007

Hi everyone. You have all helped me as a lurker for almost a year, but now my PHP has advanced a bit and I need to ask a specific question if that's ok. I don't know AJAX but I think I need it now.

I have a multipart form to build.  I need some parts to appear conditional on the data entered in prior parts. Right now, it's very specific:

offer a text box. It will grow from here I am sure, but for now it's just "if text box is filled, offer part B if not, offer part C".

Since I want to "save" the content of the text field that was entered, no matter what they do with the following (optional) form parts, do I need an ajax solution? And if so, can someone point me to working code I can start with as a noob on this topic, so I can learn as I use it?

Thanks again for all the help. You guys rock.

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