[nycphp-talk] CakePHP and HTTP Auth

Brian Dailey support at
Thu Jan 4 12:22:51 EST 2007

Have any of you cake-users on the list tried to password protect a 
single cake subdir (in my case, a plugin)? I got this working at one 
point, but I can't figure out how I did it. I'm currently attempting to 
pull in the Security->requireLogin() param, but it's just redirecting to 
somewhere else and not asking for authentication at all.

All I'm looking for is a simple password protect - the kind you'd use 
with a .htaccess file normally.

By the way, this is my biggest complaint with Cake. Documentation. 
Relying on the "shotgun documentation", leaving little bits and pieces 
here and there (wiki, google groups, irc) is killing me. The more time I 
spend trying to figure out how do to something that should be relatively 
simple, the less beneficial it is for me to use Cake. It's a great 
system, but man, the documentation is horrendous.

- Brian

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