[nycphp-talk] Re: CakePHP and HTTP Auth

inforequest 1j0lkq002 at
Thu Jan 4 13:27:05 EST 2007

Nate Abele |nyphp dev/internal group use| wrote:

> <rant>
> You know, I get so sick of people ranting about Open Source projects  
> as if the authors somehow owe them something.  We are three people,  
> three and a half on a good day.

Wow, thanks for the reminder, Nate.

I don't mean to speak for the guy who criticized the Cake docs, but with 
something as good as Cake, I would never have assumed it was 3 people. I 
would have imagined a team of contributors from around the world, etc. 
I'm pretty sure that when a PHP learner writes to a PHP talk list about 
Cake, he's not cognitive about the community being a benevolent handful 
of people (might have something to do with the branding of Open Source a 
few years ago... it was all about many eyes on code, frequent 
contributions from many people, etc).

Anyway nice work 1) contributing an answer inside of 1 hour and 8 
minutes and 2) reminding everybody of just how fragile this great PHP 
world is.

Everybody can ask themselves: when's the last time you contributed to an 
open source effort (such as docs) and isn't it time to contribute some more?

-=john andrews

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