[nycphp-talk] mysqli prepared statements

Daniel Convissor danielc at
Thu Jan 4 20:09:08 EST 2007

On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 04:38:46PM -0500, William Klein wrote:

> This statement is in a while loop, which is why I was using prepared
> statements to begin with.

You're preparing the statement before the loop, then only 
binding/executing on each loop, right?

In your reply I see there's a "?" after "select":

> $statement2 = $dbi->prepare("select? date, 
> date_format(date ,' %b %d %y') as
> dta from 1TrackUser where loginID = ? ORDER BY date");

Perhaps there's some messed up stuff in your query?

Also, the code you posted is a mess.  It looks like you wrote it in the 
email rather than copied it from a real test script.

To really debug an issue, especially if you're trying to get help 
debugging it, you need to boil down the issue to a few lines of code in an 
isolated test script that anyone can run.


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