[nycphp-talk] Philosophy of Frameworks (Was: CAKE Ain't Soup!)

mikesz at mikesz at
Wed Jan 10 21:11:34 EST 2007

Nate Abele wrote:

"The page described in the original post ('but when I attempted to run  
it, I get  a "Your database configuration file is not present."') is  
the welcome page.  It means that he *already* installed Cake, and  
everything worked correctly (which is kind of redundant, since there  is 
no installation, you just extract the archive to a folder in your  
docroot).  This welcome page (and subsequent error pages) spells out  in 
painfully explicit detail what needs to happen in order for the  
situation to be remedied."

Does anyone else see a PROBLEM with this? I installed the product from 
ONLY the DISTRIBUTION and no other instructions becuase the instructions 
are SUPPOSE to be in the package. According to this EXPLANATION.  *I* as 
the end user am suppose to figure out from the moronic error message 
that I have installed the product correctly! MOST but apparently not ALL 
products when you install them correctly come back with a 
"Congratulations" message. This product developer in his infinite wisdom 
has decided that an ERROR condition is more appropriate to encourage his 
users to what is unclear?

Somebody needs to go back to support 101 because the missed the class on 
how to figure out what an end user is and how to provide appropriate 
support for that group as have been alluded to in previous responses.

One this this end user for sure DOES NOT do is waste my valuable time on 
convoluted nonsense like this explanation has provided. With over twenty 
five years of experience in and around Quality Assurance and Customer 
Support I can categorically state that this is YET ANOTHER case of an 
software engineer  who  has not or can not put himself in the end user  
position to experience the real world and does not use or test the 
product that he creates as an end user.

Blaming the victim is not a solution to bad product presentation.

regards, mikesz

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