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Thu Jan 11 19:36:08 EST 2007

On 1/11/07, inforequest <1j0lkq002 at> wrote:
> Copyright is not ownership. One can "own" something yet not have the
> copyright(s). One can control the copyright(s) of something without
> owning it.

Correct.  You can own a book but not own the copyright.  You can
manage (have permission to create licenses for ) a copyright but not
own it.  My main point was demonstrating that ownership and usage are
two different things.

But you can never, never, never grant permissions that you don't have.
 Cringely talked about this in reference to YouTube quite a while ago.
 People asked him to upload some NerdTV stuff but he pointed out their
"transfer of copyright" clauses and noted that if a random person
uploads his stuff, YouTube gains no rights... the random person
doesn't have the ability to transfer them.  If Cringely - who has
those rights - uploads them, it *could* be a whole other story.  But
as noted... that's for the lawyers to figure out.

And to get back on topic...  all of my contracts grant the rights to
customize and extend but not distribute the software.  Of course,
these rights don't become active until *after* payment has been
successfully received, revokable only if they break the terms of the
license.  The "after payment" thing was added from learning the hard


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