[nycphp-talk] It's 2007, and we haven't talked about Shopping Carts since last year

Jon Baer jonbaer at
Tue Jan 16 08:54:20 EST 2007

Probably because the future is in hosted third party web services  
that do all the work for you? ;-)

If you look at things like Shopify and Blinksale API it's obvious  
that they offer 2 well defined things:

1. Extremely easy to understand setups for beginners
2. Extremely easy to understand APIs for advanced developers

So the better question would be .. why reinvent the wheel again? ..

But does anyone know what ever happened to the OSCommerce  
development?  Someone should take it over and "Cake" it :-)

- Jon

On Jan 16, 2007, at 3:48 AM, inforequest wrote:

> Okay it's an old story but remains one that still needs re-writing.  
> It's 2007, a time of web standards, skinnable CMS's, and fancy  
> screen effects, so why do the available shopping cart solutions  
> still look like phpnuke?
> Any updates to the semiannual PHP-talk question " My customer needs  
> a shopping cart solution. Is there anything better than X-Cart?"
> Real-world experience only, please. Is there a best-choice today if  
> you're not using Joomla but have site(s) that need an integrated cart?
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