[nycphp-talk] It's 2007, and we haven't talked about Shopping Carts since last year

David Krings ramons at
Tue Jan 16 06:39:38 EST 2007

inforequest wrote:
> Okay it's an old story but remains one that still needs re-writing. It's 
> 2007, a time of web standards, skinnable CMS's, and fancy screen 
> effects, so why do the available shopping cart solutions still look like 
> phpnuke?
> Any updates to the semiannual PHP-talk question " My customer needs a 
> shopping cart solution. Is there anything better than X-Cart?"
> Real-world experience only, please. Is there a best-choice today if 
> you're not using Joomla but have site(s) that need an integrated cart?

Tell you customer to give stuff away for free and then the problem goes 
away. Just joking...I got nothing. Although, the simplicity in looks and 
style like craigslist are what I recommend. Everyone turns the eyecandy 
off in XP, so why have it on a website?


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