[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for php developer/coder in NYC these days?

Nicholas Tang ntang at
Thu Jan 18 12:10:03 EST 2007

Just curious, where does the $60/2.4 come from?  If that's accounting for benefits, then the number you're dividing by (2.4) seems way too high.  $60/hour is worth around $120k in salary, so you're saying that $70k of that goes towards benefits?  That math doesn't make any sense to me.  From what I've seen benefits don't increase linearly with salary, and at the higher end of the market (like for mid/ senior level devs) it's a much lower % than it is for someone starting out.
Having said that, I absolutely agree that a good developer (or mediocre developer who's also a good salesperson) can definitely get more than $60/hour, and we certainly pay our PHP developers more than $50k/year as well.
I will gladly vouch for OmniTI - they're a great company, and we actually work with them on a few things, and they've got a lot of brilliant people.  Seriously.  George and Theo are two of the smartest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with (and the rest I assume are also very good, I just don't know as well).
Of course, I think we're not bad either.  ;)  (And we're also almost always hiring.)
P.S.  Plug plug:


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Edward Potter wrote:
> Ok, just to keep everyone up to date, based on interviews to date,
> the going rate for a 6 month contract with someone with a solid
> php/developer background/graduate degree in IT right now seems to
> top out out $60/hr based on a 6 month contract.

Doing some math in reverse:

$60 / 2.4 = $25
$25/hour = $50,000/year

Therefore, $60/hour as a consultant is approximately equivalent to
$50,000/year as a full-time employee with benefits, and that's assuming
about 40 billable hours a week. $50,000/year for someone with a graduate
degree should not be the "top."

If you're a PHP developer who might consider a new career with a company
that values its staff, OmniTI ( is always looking
for good people. We offer fair salaries and a positive learning
environment for people who are passionate about what they do.

More to the point, the market is hungry for good PHP developers. Like
many companies, we're having a tough time finding enough good people. I
really don't like hearing about talented people not being given respect,
as past discussions have probably revealed. :-)


Chris Shiflett
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