[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for phpdeveloper/coder in NYC these days?

Tim Sailer sailer at
Thu Jan 18 15:05:52 EST 2007

On Thu, Jan 18, 2007 at 12:37:18PM -0500, Sean Pangia wrote:
> the math i was advised to use to calculate the additional cost above 
> salary of a fulltime employee is 20%-25% of the employee's annual 
> salary. it seems to make sense that the cost is variable, for the most 
> part.

The fully burdened costs of an employee all depends on benefits package.
I see both sides. As a former manager here at this fine institution, 
I know it's much higher than 25%, as for some of the employees, there's a
10% company contribution to the retirement. Health care keeps going up
every year. The company pays the 'other' 7.5% FICA. Paid holidays and
sick time, that adds up to a big chunk.

On the other side, my private business (, my costs are less 
for myself, but for the people I use as contractors, it's costly in
this part of the Island, and they're still not getting enough. No
low cost group health plans (Thanks, Suffolk County, and NYS), the
FICA, etc. For coding I can't do myself, I'll contract it on a client
site for $85-95/hr, offsite for $65-75/hr. Not enough, but all the client
can bear, and I need to make a small profit on the job!

2.4 is a low number in this economy, but good luck getting more for coding.
For security work, I can get upwards of $150/hr, but it's just not worth
it, because as the risk goes up, so do the legal fees and insurance 
riders to cover the specific rate. Remember liability insurance. You'll
be glad some day you have it!!! It really hurts to write out that check
every month, but the day something goes wrong...


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