[nycphp-talk] Slightly OT: source example for vertical multi-layer menu???

R. Mariotti r.mariotti at
Thu Jan 18 14:34:31 EST 2007

Fellow PHP'ers:

Most of my web based application menus are accomplished using css only 
and they usually suffice.  I have a requirement to insert a 2nd level on 
some of the items.  I've been looking at js examples for such things for 
a couple of days now and I'm no further ahead.

I was hoping that someone might be willing to point/share/whatever a 
simple example of such an animal???

I realize it "might" require some .js to make it happen, but if not, all 
the better.

Does anyone have any recommendations they are willing to share?

Thanks a million for anyone who can (and does)!!!!


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