[nycphp-talk] show me your best work

David Krings ramons at
Thu Jan 18 20:05:07 EST 2007

Nazmul Hassan wrote:
> yeh, we could show you a variety of things, and none of them would be 
> what you wished to see. be more specific please
> On 1/18/07, *Kenneth Downs* < ken at <mailto:ken at>> wrote:
>     Kurt Zimmerman wrote:
>      > OK Fellow PHPers... who has stuff to show off their
>      > best work.... Got any examples of some really neat
>      > things?
>      >
>     This is kind of a broad question, can you narrow down a little what you
>     are looking for?  Intranet, extranet?  Online store and shopping cart?
>     Graphic design or back-end?

Exactly, code that I write and think is plain awesome is something that 
some on this list wouldn't even wipe their behinds with. The highlight 
of my PHP skills is getting a jpg from my digicam rotated on the 
fly...or making a temporary table in MySQL for sorting, because I have 
no clue on how to write proper SQL statements with JOINs and all this 
neat stuff.

I am amazed by what I, who hates programming, can do using PHP. The real 
  PHP apps wipe the floor with my stuff. I still think that my image 
viewer is kewl and thanks to this list it even shows the thumbnails.


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