[nycphp-talk] show me your best work

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Thu Jan 18 20:13:59 EST 2007

I wrote something for windows once that was cool.

I could run a script that would reach out to, it would
recursively get all companies names/address/city/emai/url, etc from my
state.  It would then store them in the db.

A seperate process would run based on the db content and and MS Word
Template would create the mail merge interacting with MS Word.  The
end result would be a word document i could print, it was a mail merge
document so it was about 200 letters addressed to different people.  I
also had this process create the word document for the envelopes too.

Run the process, print, stuff, send ;)

However that only worked on windows but boy did it save me time.

End result?  People throw away mail like this lol I think i got 1
client from 400 mailings.
I think i trashed this code and was going to create something similar
that was less resource intensive and would use PDF, but it was a
learning experience using COM from within a php command line script :)

Joseph Crawford Jr.
Zend Certified Engineer
Codebowl Solutions, Inc.
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