[nycphp-talk] Followup: Going weekly rate for php developer/coder in NYC these days?

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Fri Jan 19 00:25:50 EST 2007

That's an average for the typical surgical procedure - (ballpark avg).
 That's gets you a surgeon, resident, anesthesiologist, and a nurse in
an NYC hospital. This is a VERY rough cost figure. You can take almost
any operation, and your bell curve will probably fall somewhere around
those numbers. I'm guessing the majority of surgeons make between
$250-$750K per year in Manhattan.

And yes, if you go in self pay (this was about 3 years ago), your
deposit is $10G per day at New York Hospital - of course Manhattan
probably has the cream of the crop in health care, if not the best in
the world. With some google'ing I guess you can cut your cost, Brazil
for plastic surgery, Korea for rhinoplasty, etc.

I still think the web is really under-utilized in the medical field,
still has a long way to go. As the boomers hit their end years, expect
this market to explode. You would thing that the defense budget is
big?- that "ain't nothing" compared to health-care costs. For some
reason people just don't want to ride off into the sunset, they want
to hang around as long as possible!  :-)

Tips?  NEVER go into any operation without google'ing your MD, and the
procedure. From my experience, MDs are very happy when you go into an
appointment with a list of relevant references, links, refs from
journals, etc. - also teaching hospitals seem to always have the best
MDs, at least in my experience.

Actually my surgeon was a she. :-)

sorry, slightly off topic!  yipes!

> $10,000/a night, Is it really true? And is surgery also counted by hours? It
> means to earn more money a surgeon can hold knife in his hands for 1 extra
> hour and he gets paid another 16 000 - 20 000$ ?
> >
> > In other words, a good health insurance policy is probably worth it no
> > matter what the cost.

> > -ed
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