[nycphp-talk] Gmail breaks URLs?

Stephen Musgrave stephen at
Fri Jan 19 10:44:59 EST 2007

I have a double opt-in workflow on a site I am building.  The user  
signs up for membership, they are sent a confirmation email.  There  
is a link in the confirmation email that they must click in order to  
validate their account.  The URL is showing up in Gmail with spaces  
randomly inserting into it, thus breaking the URL.

Here's an example:

http://staging.looq. com/members/validate.php?id= 4917

There's a space after "looq." and before "com/"

There is another space between "id=" and "4917"

The format of the email is HTML.  Looking at the raw source, here's  
what I see:

<a href="ht
tp:// 4917">http:// 
com/members/validate.php?id= 4917</a>

Any ideas of what is causing this?

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