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Kenneth Downs ken at
Sat Jan 27 10:27:41 EST 2007

Greg Rundlett wrote:
> Ken, you obviously have good RDBMS knowledge, I hope that the next
> time you discover such mistakes in wikipedia that you might just hit
> the 'edit' link and add your contributions for everyone's benefit.
> Then you could post a link to the NYPHP group about how the article on
> wikipedia *is* accurate and well-informed -- thanks to you.

Thanks, I did immediately consider this.   However, as the task is 
daunting, I have asked myself how it might be accomplished over time, as 
just about the entire article has to be re-considered.  My understanding 
is you start out by 'flagging' the article as biased, and then in some 
cases you have to work out the changes on the 'talk' page.

However, there is some legitimate reverse sentiment here.  One idea is 
simply this, that the true information you might get if I edited that 
page is all already there -- you just have to look for RDBMS.  I have to 
wonder a little bit why the author feels no need to educate himself 
before writing the article, or how it suddenly becomes my responsibility 
to do so.

The second idea is that there is some responsibility in the reader to 
pursue that information.  Each of knows what we know because we went out 
of our way to learn.  In a 3-tier world it is hard to justify ignorance 
of one of the tiers when so much information is available.  Is it my job 
to re-write on that page what is so well written elsewhere?  If I can do 
a service by pointing out that the page is wrong and why, then those who 
wish to get the good info know a little more about what they are looking 

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