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Timothy Boyden tboyden at
Tue Jan 30 21:02:44 EST 2007

Yeah this is exactly what I was talking about a couple months back when
there was a discussion on the going rate for PHP programmers.

I mean obviously they're not looking for an experienced PHP programmer
(at least they shouldn't be at that rate, especially in New York City)
they're just looking for a marketing intern that has some PHP and web
design experience, but I'm finding it to be extremely hard to do PHP
consulting work because there is people that will actually do it at that
kind of hourly rate and potential employers hear this and refuse to pay
more to the point that it is insulting to hear their low-ball number. At
$7 - $10 an hour, what's the incentive to work hard at learning and
staying up to date on programming languages or other IT skills?

It's part of the reason why I won't do just programming and do mostly
hardware IT consulting.


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Wow that is just amazing pretty funny that they would request that lol
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