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Sat Sep 8 12:04:35 EDT 2007

Here is a simple way to do a roll over effect for images;

<a href="#" onMouseOver='rollover.src="images/lagerimage.jpg"'
<img src="images/smallimage.jpg" name="rollover" border="0"></a>


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At 10:12 PM -0700 9/7/07, selyah wrote:
>  Hello ;
>I am in the process  of completing a  very complex php script and 
>need to add a special effect using html.  The effect that i have to 
>do is a simple roll over images and upon each roll over with the 
>mouse the images increase in size and then return back to the 
>original size.  The problem is that i am sure that this involves 
>javascript and that is my weak point.
>Therefore, i am asking anyone who can assist with a sample code or 
>know of a link that would be helpful.


Here an example of an enlarging roll-over using only css with no javascript.

If that's what you want, everything's there.



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