[nycphp-talk] OT: webmaster test

André Pitanga andre at
Mon Apr 14 10:07:18 EDT 2008

So, we're hiring a new webmaster here at work and I was tasked with 
producing a simple technical test. The person is supposed to have two 
years experience as a web dev. There's three parts: html, css, and 
webmaster questions. What do you think?
(bonus: I'll tell you what my manager thought)


1) Which HTML attribute is used to define inline styles?
       a) font
       b) styles
       c) css
       d) text
       e) style

2) What is the correct HTML for referring to an external style sheet?
       a) <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mainstyle.css">
       b) <style src="mainstyle.css">
       c) <stylesheet>mainstyle.css</stylesheet>
       d) <link url="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mainstyle.css">

3) Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?
       a) <script>
       b) <css>
       c) <stylesheet>
       d) <style>


4) Which is the correct CSS syntax?
       a) body {color: black}
       b) body:color=black
       c) {body:color=black}
       d) {body color:black}

5) How does one set a border like this:

    The top border = 10 pixels, The bottom border = 5 pixels, The left
border = 20 pixels, The right border = 1pixel.

       a) border-width:10px 20px 5px 1px
       b) border-width:10px 1px 5px 20px
       c) border-width:10px 5px 20px 1px
       d) border-width:5px 20px 10px 1px

6) What are the three methods for using style sheets with a web page
       a) Dreamweaver, GoLive or FrontPage
       b) In-Line, External or Embedded
       c) Handcoded, Database-driven or WYSIWYG


7) a and b are variables.

    a = 10
    b = 20
    a = b

    The new values of a and b are, respectively:


8) What factors determine your recommended maximum home page size (in
kilobytes)? How are the factors related?

9) Why use Flash in web development? Why not?

10) Why is "separation of style and content" recommended in web

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