[nycphp-talk] sun and mysql acquisition for non-enterprise users

Hans Zaunere lists at
Wed Mar 26 16:48:31 EDT 2008

> A ZDNet newsletter today announced, "Sun introduced immediate
> availability of 7X24 year round global, enterprise-class database
> subscriptions and services for the entire MySQL product line."
> I am wondering if with Sun's emphasis on enterprise-class DB, will
> there be changes for the non-enterprise users?  Or will there always be
> open-sourced MySQL available for us non-enterprise users with our
> "measly" shared, web host accounts?

While no one really knows for sure, all indications, by both Sun and MySQL
(and perhaps last night's meeting), is that MySQL will stay available, and
in fact be improved by Sun's mindshare.

In other similar news, we can't forget about PostgreSQL:


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