[nycphp-talk] CMS - Estimating Hours

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Thu Mar 27 15:49:19 EDT 2008

Jake McGraw wrote:
> Well it really depends... do you have experience doing any of this:
> 4. Find, install & configure shopping cart
>   a. Product photos
>   b. Product descriptions/details
>   c. Pricing
>   d. Shipping
>   e. Tax
>   f. Create/modify shopping cart templates? (Not sure
> if this has to be done or if the cart can use CMS templates?)
> 5. SSL cert (requires static IP)
> 6. Payment gateway
> Because it can be quite a learning experience (adds time) if you
> don't. My best suggestion is to find an all-in-one solution or a
> developer who has proven experience with these kind of transactions.

Re the shopping cart, not really. I did install osCommerce once as it 
was available via my cpanel. I set up a few items and played around with 
the shipping & tax stuff, but that was about it.

Re SSL, I've purchased my own SSL certs before, generated the keys, then 
had my hosting company actually install them.

Re payment gateways, It's my understanding that the handling of credit 
card transactions is done via the payment gateway's servers--i.e. if the 
client has a merchant account (or pays for gateway services that provide 
one for a fee), then all I need to be concerned with is that the 
shopping cart can interface securely with the gateway? Please do correct 
me if I'm wrong.

> 3. Code custom templates
> I haven't worked with Joomla, but I have worked with Drupal. There is
> a bit of a learning curve for following the best practices template
> design. I'd suggest getting Pro Drupal Development to help you along
> with this.

I'll definitely order that.

> 7. Find, install & configure forum
> Drupal can be a forum, see how they use it at
> I'd put the work at the very least 80 hours. Any integration that
> they'd like to do between the shopping cart and the CMS will add many
> hours.

I'll check out how Drupal uses their forum. Thanks for the estimate & 
warning re added hours for integration; bot are a great help.


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