[nycphp-talk] OT - sound on HTML page

tedd tedd at
Fri Nov 14 08:26:53 EST 2008

At 9:06 AM -0800 11/13/08, Néstor wrote:
>Actually, the boss wants the page to autoload 
>the sound in the background.  The code I
>showed in my original post does work on IE. 
>Since it is a one time joke for the boss
>during a presentation, I will just leave it like that and have him use IE . 
>Is the first time that I see where IE can do something that FF can not.
>Everything I read, mentions that EMBED should work on other browsers.
>Thanks for the info!!!I am not going to waste more time on this.

What that said, let me say simply that IE uses 
<BGSOUND src=> while most other browsers use 
<EMBED src=>

So you have to browser sniff before playing. Here's an example:



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