[nycphp-talk] PHP mail() signup confirmation for does not get delivered consistently

Hans Zaunere lists at
Sun Nov 23 11:03:04 EST 2008

> A client of mine ( is using the PHP mail() function to
> send signup email-confirmations and it works most of the time, but
> quite a few users have contacted them saying that they did not receive
> the email. We discovered that Yahoo mail requires the "-f
> sender at" header to deliver to the inbox instead of the
> junkmail box- anyone know if there other headers that can be added to
> make the delivery more reliable?

-- Use -fsomething at header

-- Make sure the web server's user is in /etc/mail/trusted-users if using

-- And most importantly: relay mail through a real mail server with proper
DNS records, etc.  Many places now check for the correct DNS records and
listening SMTP ports to ensure it's a real server sending the mail.  Web
servers won't pass these tests.


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