[nycphp-talk] UPDATE: Bypassing Registration forms on vBulletin forums ...

sbeam sbeam at
Tue Nov 25 10:32:49 EST 2008

On Monday 24 November 2008 22:29, mikesz at wrote:
> Any comments on possible ways to detect and/or redirect and/or prevent
> automated hacker tools like this from hijacking your site?

one option: assuming you have root and use Apache, you could setup 

and most competent shared hosts will have this installed already. It will 
block most automated and/or common attacks. As with any security measure, 
sometimes it can be a PITA due to false positives, and it is only one part of 
a good defense. But I wouldn't run any non-trusted PHP code on a public 
server without it, if your host doesn't use it get one who does.

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