[nycphp-talk] UPDATE: Bypassing Registration forms on vBulletin forums ...

justin justin at
Tue Nov 25 09:27:21 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 10:29 PM,  <mikesz at> wrote:
> Any comments on possible ways to detect and/or redirect and/or prevent automated
> hacker tools like this from hijacking your site?

I've been very successful blocking automated registration/posting with
Mollom ( It uses heuristics and blacklists to
detect spammy form submissions, sends a CAPTCHA back if the submission
get flagged. I've had zero false positive and about 99.5% of bad guy
posts blocked. Most automated tools don't bother waiting for a
response to their post, so they never even see the second page with

There is a PHP library available on their site, but I haven't heard
anything about vBulletin integration. If nobody's done it yet, it
shouldn't be tough to hook the two together. And I'm sure the rest of
the vBulletin community would love you :)


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