[nycphp-talk] Security Presentation Online

Hans Zaunere lists at
Wed Nov 26 20:32:14 EST 2008

> Pretty cool! Two questions, one note, after looking at the slides in
> PDF format.
> ?  You mention "magic_*" on slide 13, what are you referring to, asks
> the neophyte...

There are a number of ini settings and functions that contain the word
magic, or are related to some magic functionality - for instance
magic_quotes.  Best bet is to do a full text search of for magic, or
just google around for php magic etc...

> ? Also on slide 13 you use the acronym "B.E. aggressive", what does
> "B.E." stand for.

Nothing - just from a song I liked, which I have in there for dramatic
effect when speaking... :)

> #  On slide 20 you suggest learning more coding from experienced people,
> and I'd have to suggest plugging NYPHP and other good places. You guys
> and gals have been awesome! Since the slides are now world viewable you
> might want to include references to $self and other places to do the
> things you mention on that slide.
> Good presentation, and timely!

Thanks Leam, and point well taken.


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