[nycphp-talk] PHP hosting and standard tool-chain for newbie?

Tim Lieberman tim_lists at
Thu Apr 23 13:45:54 EDT 2009

On Apr 23, 2009, at 1:35 PM, Michael B Allen wrote:

> Again, since I use vim and ssh I'm not familiar with the standard
> "Free" tool-chain so I'm trying to figure that out. What I'm thinking
> should exist is something like the following:
> 1. An editor to write .php, .html, .css, .js files. I have no idea
> what people use for an editor on Mac. What's the Mac equivalent of
> Notepad? Is Eclipse good for this?

Eclipse is probably overkill.

If you're looking for "Free" TextWrangler is the little brother of the  
venerable BBEdit:

No built-in preview, but command-tab/command-R to Safari or Firefox  
works just fine.

> 2. A way to upload / sync files. It would be great if this was built
> into the editor so that she could just make some changes, hit "Upload"
> and it would automatically sync the server with whatever files she
> modified locally. If such a thing does not exist I suppose an sftp
> with UI style program would do. I know there's something like that for
> Windows but what is the Mac equivalent?

TextWrangler supports Open/Save to FTP/SFTP very well.

Coda (mentioned in my last email) supports that syncing stuff, I  
think.  I personally never use that kind of functionality.  I either  
develop locally and move changes to a server via subversion, or  
develop "directly" on a remote machine via sftp.

> 3. Debugging tools. Firebug, Burp proxy, ...?

Firebug pretty much does nearly everything one might need, in my  

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