[nycphp-talk] Best practices for naming conventions & coding style?

Ajai Khattri ajai at
Tue Apr 28 20:24:17 EDT 2009

On Tue, 28 Apr 2009, lists at wrote:

> Re your friend, yikes! I know what you mean about using $counter. I
> figured out that $i or $n stands for an integer, but it still throws me
> off sometimes when I see something like $l in someone's example code
> (below)... what is the "l" supposed to stand for? Or does it depend on
> the context?

Its mainly a historical thing. The same way every first program says 
'Hello World'. Even when I was a kid learning BASIC, popular programming 
books still used i, j and k (or I%, J% and K% in BBC BASIC :-)


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