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Java is an interpreted and complied language in the same time while php is
only interpreted as it's a scripting language so java provides extra layer
of security over php plus java can be used to program anything you can watch
the javaone conference James Gosling toy show and see what java does it's
used for desktop, web, mobile devices while php can't do any except the web
and with the notice I said before.

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On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 2:34 PM, David Krings <ramons at> wrote:

> Leam Hall wrote:
>> Gang, I'll confess that I'm happy to support Java as it provides lots of
>> reasons to upgrade hardware and buy newer/faster machines. However, from a
>> systems engineering standpoint, I'm baffled by the recurring inefficiency of
>> hundreds of corporate programmers...
>> What does Java provide that PHP can't do faster and with lighter resource
>> usage?
> Don't know in detail, but my guess is that PHP is thought of about to be a
> pure web only scripting language where as Java is more for desktop
> applications or the like. In typical use you need a web server for PHP, for
> Java you don't. That said, I am well aware that you can use PHP to write
> non-web and even desktop applications.
> One other reason could be that Java is used to torture CS students, while
> PHP is poopooed as something script kiddies use. Same question can be asked
> about ASP.NET, that in no way does anything better than PHP, especially
> not performance.
> I attended a Java course at university and eventually dropped out and
> changed majors. I did ANSI C before and that was already more painful than
> necessary. Java topped that by a mile. I have no idea why developers pick
> Java. I find it kludgey and the development tools stink, but apparently it
> is good enough to bring us awesome software like OpenOffice. For years I
> always found that I hate programming and programming hates me...until I came
> across PHP. It just makes sense (OK, except for some of the date functions
> that were written half by Americans and half by Europeans using their date
> format respectively).
> Any other reasons? Java is Sun and PHP is, hmmmm, Zend? Na, there are
> plenty others. Java is Eclipse and PHP is, hmmmmm, can think of three or
> four great IDEs from freebie (Waterproof) to we charge you for every dot
> release (NuSphere). Nobody gets fired for using Java or .NET....unless you
> are hired to do PHP I could see that it is a tough sell to the mindless
> preventors of IT services.
> David
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