[nycphp-talk] Java provides???

Paul A Houle paul at
Wed Aug 12 16:55:11 EDT 2009

Elijah Insua wrote:
> I'm pretty sure you are talking about using eclipse as a text editor? 
> There are a couple plugins that make eclipse intelligent about your 
> php project.
> PHPEclipse does do code hinting, I believe PDT does as well.  Not to 
> mention netbeans with its PHP Plugin, or how about Zend Studio / 
> Komodo / VS.PHP.  They all have code hinting/"intellisense"
    Code hinting doesn't count for that much.  I type fast,  I know the 
built-in PHP methods like the back of my hand,  and these things can't 
understand the classes and functions that I write well enough to be 
useful for artifacts that aren't part of the language.

    To be fair I make matters worse by depending on heavily on 
autoloading as well as computed file, method,  function and class 
names.  A useful PHP IDE for me would need to not only understand plain 
PHP,  but also be programmable w/ rules to describe the naming 
conventions used in my framework.

    There's a world of difference between the gimmicks in the PHP 
editors I've seen and what Eclipse/Java does,
> there are two debugging "systems" you can use with php.  XDebug and 
> DBG, PHPEclipse and Netbeans/PHP both have support for this.
    I know.  I've never gotten either of those to work effectively.  
There's always been some problem,  like the plug-in wouldn't build on 
the target machine or it would built but cause Apache to crash,  or 
there was a firewall in the way.  If I was getting paid to screw around 
with debuggers and write patches and all that I might be able to make it 
work,  but I've found that Java debugging and C# debugging just work...

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