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Elijah Insua tmpvar at
Wed Aug 12 16:08:52 EDT 2009

>   Eclipse/PHP doesn't do anything vi doesn't do,  except it has two buttons
> you can click on to start and stop your web server.  Woooo...  I'm so
> impressed.  All you get from Eclipse/PHP is increased startup time.  No
> wonder why PHPers think Eclipse is worthless,  because Eclipse/PHP ~is~
> worthless.  Eclipse has seriously damaged it's brand by coming out with
> shovelware products for PHP,  Ruby,  Python,  etc.  They really ought to be
> like the Apple App Store and ban that stuff so people realize that
> Eclipse/Java is cool.

I'm pretty sure you are talking about using eclipse as a text editor? There
are a couple plugins that make eclipse intelligent about your php project.

PHPEclipse does do code hinting, I believe PDT does as well.  Not to mention
netbeans with its PHP Plugin, or how about Zend Studio / Komodo / VS.PHP.
They all have code hinting/"intellisense"

  Eclipse/Java also has a debugger that ~works~.  There are a lot of reasons
> for it,  but I've never been able to build a PHP debugging system with a PHP
> IDE that really works.   No more having debugging "echo" statements winding
> up in production code...

there are two debugging "systems" you can use with php.  XDebug and DBG,
PHPEclipse and Netbeans/PHP both have support for this.

-- Elijah
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